Thursday, July 10, 2014

Musician's Friend

I am a musician by profession back home, and I always play music in some exclusive gatherings here in the city now. This coming September, I will be performing a solo concert in the grand ballroom of an exclusive five star hotel. I am already excited to prepare my personal music gadgets. I need to buy a new stuffs such as headphone, music instruments and others at musician's friend so that it will be easy for me to listen while I am on the stage.


Monday, June 30, 2014

For My Son

I can't believe that my son will turn to eighteen years old this coming November. It's a big celebration again. It was like yesterday when I gave birth to him and now he is taller than I am. Well, time move so fast and I need to accept the reality that my son is not a baby anymore. This time I want to surprise him with two gifts. One of the gift that I like to give is a watch and the most expensive iPad that he wish to buy. I know he gonna like it so much.


Wednesday, March 19, 2014

NC Health Agency

Good Health is the number one thing that I need in my life. I admit I can easily achieved things if I work hard on it but sometimes I encountered many problems, hardships in life especially if I experience unexpected illnesses. That is why I need to be strong and continue to work. Good things also I have health card that I can trust. It is easy if you have medical plan. Like my cousin in North Carolina. She mentioned about nc health agency that helped her all the way. She also encountered many health problems in life and glad that she recovers also. Thanks God. To become healthy we need to take good care of ourselves and live a healthy life.


Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Summer Is Coming

I'm glad to say that winter is almost done. Few days from now is spring time. The time to have a picnic, gatherings, parties and enjoy with friends. I plan of traveling too. I already booked two flights this coming summer and I hope it would be fun. At last I can relax well after those heavy works I have everyday and have fun with friends, family and loved ones. I hope all of us will be happy and can bring joy to ourselves this coming warm season.


Monday, March 10, 2014

Love Flowers So Much

Time moves so fast, soon April is here again to start giving us beautiful flowers. One of my hobbies is gardening. I love beautiful and colorful flowers so much. I remember back home I have many beautiful flowers. Since Its my first year of living to my new house in Canada I will plant beautiful flowers after the winter gone.


Monday, February 10, 2014

Most Common Problems

In today’s generation, it is very hard for a man and woman to be happy in love. There are many reasons why they are fighting with each other. Hard for them to understand with each other because of pride and power. Most men think they are the most powerful. That is why many couples are not happily married, decided to separate ways and end to divorce. There are many reasons why many couples decided to separate or file a divorce. The most common problems are the following: broken trust, emotional neglect, addictive behaviors, emotional abuse, boredom, stubborn wife or husband, emotional infidelity, silent treatments, poor communication, no affection, lack of appreciation, midlife crisis and many more. But if you are strong enough and both of you will work your relationship for the sake of your children why not seeks the best marriage counseling to make your marriage successful. They have the best techniques, strategies and ways on how to help you transform your marriage into healthy and happy relationship again. They are expert and willing to help both partners to make your relationship better. They can help you with regards to the following problems: stopping hurtful conflict, communication skills, financial stress and disagreements, how to forgive each other of past hurts, sexual issues, parenting differences, meeting each other's needs, what makes men feel loved, what makes women feel loved, different parenting styles, how time is spent, how money is spent (or not spent) , different spiritual inclinations and many more.


Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Winter Is Here

Since it is winter we need to wear thick cloths, coats, gloves and many more protection in going to work. It is very cold outside that is why we need the best protections in our body. You can choose the most affordable stuffs but perfect for our body. They offer outdoor apparel and equipments that are durable and good quality. You can select the best color, sizes and style. For now, they offer discount prices and I am pretty sure you like it.


Happy Birthday

Time moves so fast. I can't believe that my mother turn to 69 the other day. It is her special day and she prepared something to eat for friends and family. I went to work in the morning and when I arrived the party was already started. I ate with them and all the foods are delicious. We ordered a lot of foods and drinks. To my mother happy birthday and I wish you have many more birthdays to come.