Sunday, November 26, 2017

Norwegian Breakaway Caribbean Christmas Cruise 2017

Welcome to my fantastic experience of Norwegian Breakaway Caribbean Christmas Cruise 2017. I'm very much excited to celebrate Christmas with my son onboard. This is pretty much bigger compare to my last year cruise ship. A capacity of 3,963 passengers, double occupancy and a total of 1,024 staterooms and 238 suites. This cruise was launched and started to sail last 2013 it means its just 4 years old cruise, not a brand new but considered a new one. At launched Norwegian Breakaway Cruise was the ninth largest cruise ship in the world. Wow! That's amazing and I'm super happy to sail with you at Christmas holidays. Our vacation will start at the New York City followed by Florida and then two islands from Bahamas.


Saturday, October 28, 2017

Tips For Fashionable Hairstyles

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Life is too short that is why we need to take care of ourselves. Eat balance diet, exercise everyday to gain more energy, work hard in order to achieve all our goals in life and of course our beauty is more important than anything else. We need to make sure that we are beautiful inside and out. Thanks God for all the blessings that come in our lives and take good care of what we have. Love yourself and always remember that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Be proud of what you have and enhance if needed. If you think you need help then try to improve a little bit. Do what is best for you and your body. One of the things in your body that you need to take care of is your hair. Right? Admit it you need to make sure that you will use the shampoo and conditioner that surely will make your hair more beautiful. You have all the hair accessories that you prepare whenever you style your hair. You can use it whether you are at home, at the party or even at work. Talking of accessories, what about using hair wigs like these african American wigs? Do you like it? Are you fun of collecting hair wigs? If so, how many wigs you have? When you love wigs, and you are fun of using and collecting it, try to check out This glamorous online e-commerce store is one of the leading beauty stores where you can find thousands of different types and styles of wigs. I am pretty sure you gonna love it! You can also shop for different hair care and beauty products. carries different brands of wigs like BOBBI BOSS, NEW BORN FREE, MOTOWN TRESS, BOHYME, and much more. On your shopping, always enjoy the free US shipping for additional savings!


Wednesday, October 4, 2017

My Dream Do ComeTrue

When I was young I dream of buying a beautiful house with modern design rooms, big kitchen, washrooms and living rooms with furniture and high tech facilities. But it did not happen yet I only own a townhouse building that I can be proud of. It is very hard to get a big house and maintain it. Maybe in the future nobody knows what will happen next. Also, I dream to travel around the world and enjoy life while I can still do it. Every year I go out of country three times and spend my life in a wonderful resorts that I own a bit. It is a timeshare that I can stay whenever I want and enjoy the beauty of the place. Thanks God for all the blessings that come my way. Now that I live Canada it is easy for me to make my dreams come true. I have a home mortgage and travel to the most beautiful places I like. I can relax and stay in one of the elegant resorts in the city. I love enjoying the beach, explore the breathtaking views and relax well together with my family, friends and loved ones.


Friday, September 29, 2017

Eat Nutritious Foods

In order to stay healthy and younger than age, eat well nutritious foods such as fruits, vegetables and lower your meats. Limit foods that high in calories, fats, sugar and salt. It is not advisable for us to eat more on fatty meats, butter, shortening and hard margarine. So, if you can reduce those saturated fats, do it for the good of your health. Also limit the trans fats such as doughnuts, cookies, tortillas, tarts, pies and many others. I know they are everybody's favorite but not good if you eat many of them. You can eat a little. Avoid too much sugar that found in soft drinks and desserts. Low salt intake to avoid hypertension.


Monday, September 25, 2017

Tips Before Buying A Car

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Hi Guys! do you want to buy a car? If yes, what car brand, color and body style you want to purchase? You know that when owning a car takes lots of responsibility. But before purchasing, you have to first know what you will be buying. With that, you need to make lots of research about it. In doing so, you will learn about the specifications of the car that you want to have. Depends on your budget and of course, it will also depend on your lifestyle, buying a car can be a little bit perplexing. But it should not be that way. In these high-tech days wherein you can just read reviews and watch videos using your computer or smart gadgets, you will learn lots of things. And when talking about cars, using as a lead before buying your car would be of great advantage to you. There are many features that this site offers and mind you it is easy to use as everything is categorized. This site offers convenience for you when you want to read car reviews, latest car videos, check on payment calculators, car safety, warranty of the car, and so much more. Finding car dealers in your area is also another feature of Are you going to make this website a guide in your car purchase?


Saturday, September 23, 2017

Wonderful Spot In Canada

Tobermory is one of the wonderful spots in Canada. I love it there. It is only 3 to 4 hrs drive from my home. It is a peaceful and very beautiful place to relax and have fun. It began life as a port and fishing village and retains the character and picturesque charm. But over the last half century, it has become something else as well.

Tobermory has become a major tourist destination in Canada. With two fabulous national parks, the largest car ferry on the great lakes, world class boat tours and much more. It has four art galleries, dozens of shops, dozens of restaurants and pubs, a pioneer museum and a National Park Visitor Centre. It is the scuba diving capital of Canada especially on summer time, with several vessels taking diving groups out to historic shipwrecks. Also, they have a very pleasant place to walk around, with benches, picnic tables, monuments, interpretive stations and a boardwalk. The best of all, they have dozens of restaurants around that offer everything from fast food to fine dining. There is live entertainment in the pubs most weekends.

But take note of this. Getting rid of your car can be an issue so be careful. You need to follow the rules and be responsible enough. Parking downtown is sparse and time-limited, but there are two large, paved lots within a three minute walk of downtown. The Community Centre (with the large, blue welcome centre sign) parking lot offers free, all day parking, as does the Legion Street Lot (turn west on Hay Bay Road, then right on Legion Street).


Friday, September 22, 2017

Hawaiian Beach

Time moves so fast I can't wait anymore. My vacation time is fast approaching and soon I gonna fly again to my favorite place in the world. I am so excited and everything is set. I will experience again the wonderful feeling of being in the beach. The beach has clean, blue and sparkling waters especially during morning hours. You can feel the coolness and refresh your body as well as your mind for you to set on a new day. You can sit in the white sand and have a therapy if you have arthritis. You can feel the sunlight that gives Vitamin. D and make your bones and teeth strong and healthy. You can produce an even tone of skin to make you beautiful and tan as what have foreigners do. You can feel the breeze from the sea as you relax.


Friday, September 8, 2017


We all know that summer time is a lot of fun. It’s a season of shorts, swimsuits, flip-flops and backyard barbecues. All the people have freedom to stroll, travel to the most beautiful places, explore the breathtaking views and of course enjoy life to the fullest.

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