Monday, January 26, 2015

Organizer For My Pots And Pans

I love cooking so much and it is one of my hobbies especially during my off days. I stay in my kitchen most of the time. I love organizing kitchen stuffs, cooking and cleaning of course. I just bought an organizer for my pots and pans the other day that's why I am very inspired to cook my favorite foods. I love Filipino Foods, Chinese, Japanese and Vietnamese foods. They are so delicious and yummy.


Tuesday, November 18, 2014

My Three Years In Service

1. What aspects of your work do you consider a source of satisfaction? For my three years in service, I can say that the source of my satisfaction started when I learned to run different kinds of machines. I tried to work operation 20, 25, 40, 50, 80, 90 and 100. But I stay longer in operation 50, 80, 100 and now I work in the polisher operation 90.  I am happy and satisfied.
2. What aspects of your work do you consider a source of dissatisfaction? The source of my dissatisfaction happen if my machines went DOWN. It means no production that can affects our numbers. And, even though were automated due to robotics but still it does not guaranty perfection, we still have problems like rejected parts, undersize, oversize and many issues.
3. Is there any training that could enhance your performance and job satisfaction? Training is the best positive way to enhance and improve our performance at work but I don't need training anymore. We are already equipt with knowledge, training and skills to make good quality camshaft parts. We only need to work hard and concentrate with our job.

Additional comments:

 I am so happy and very thankful to be a part of this company. A million of thanks to my supportive supervisor, general supervisors, HR and many others. I like my job and I am satisfied. I always feel the sense of accomplishment every time I completed my shift and have given an honest days of work to the best of my abilities. Because of this company, I have given an oppurtunity to improve and enhance my life. Again, a million of thanks and God bless us more.


Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Musician's Friend

I'm so proud of my son since he joined a music group in the school. He become so active in music activities especially that most of his friends are members too. They participated a group music competition and they became a winner sometimes but one time they only received a second place. Last week his music instructor asked them to buy a new stuff at  musician' He asked me to buy and im happy to provide whatever he needs in school. As a mom Im very supportive and so happy of my one and only son.


Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Time To Eat Ice Cream

Hey! hello to everybody. Weather was so nice yesterday thats why my friend Elma and I with kid Peter went to stone road mall to relax, shop and ate with our favorite Chinese foods and ice cream too. We stayed there for almost 6 hours and went home at night. Thats all for now, take care and have a nice day..


Friday, September 12, 2014

Car Export Rates

In today's generation everything is possible. Even if you live in the other side of the world but still everything is fast and secure because of the internet, telephone and by the use of shipping method. If you order today it will arrive the following day or the next day. The best thing there is the car export rates is not expensive, it is affordable in our pocket and less hassle. Everything is perfect and no problems at all. It is the best company in the US that provide good transportation services worldwide.


Wednesday, September 10, 2014

I Am So Happy

For me there are only two things in life. The first and best thing is happiness and the other one is loneliness. We all know that we are the only driver of our own life. You can be happy if you want and you can be more miserable if you like to live unhappy. Of course I want to be happy. Whatever problems that come my way, I fix it and ignore them if needed. I always want to be happy. For me, happiness can be manifested in many different ways, on me, it is reflected on my face. When I smile it is indeed my real smile. That's my natural and I don't want to change. To be happy is every human's ultimate goal in life ,to laugh out loud when it is time to laugh and to wear a nice smile, of course relax and taking everything easy when you are in the most challenging situation of your life. We only live once right? Remember the old adage, if you want to stay younger keep on smiling and be happy always


Wednesday, September 3, 2014

For Swing Dance Lessons

Life is too short that is why we need to enjoy life to the fullest. We only live once so do the best that you can to make your life happy and exciting. There are many ways to enjoy such as travel, dancing, playing your favorite games and many others. If you like dancing and you need for swing dance lessons, check online and I am pretty sure you will like it. It can make your day happy and full of energy while learning the nest swing dance lessons.


Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Eat Nutritious Foods

In order to stay healthy and younger than age, eat well nutritious foods such as fruits, vegetables and lower your meats. Limit foods that high in calories, fats, sugar and salt. It is not advisable for us to eat more on fatty meats, butter, shortening and hard margarines. So, if you can reduce those saturated fats, do it for the good of your health. Also limit the trans fats such as doughnuts, cookies, tortillas, tarts, pies and many others. I know they are everybody's favorite but not good if you eat many of them. You can eat a little. Avoid too much sugar that found in soft drinks and desserts. Low salt intake to avoid hypertension.