Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Roses For You

I got this pink roses with chocolates from my very charming sister Agring. Thank you sis for sharing me this radiance beauty of the rose. It gives me comfort and makes my eyes shine. I really love this two heart shape chocolates too. Well, I would like to pass this roses which show my love and deep caring to my friends most especially to lynn, Joy and Laura.

The rose is often used to show
your affectionate love to that
someone special in your life.
The (R) in the word rose represents
The radiance of beauty of the rose.
For no flower can compare.
For you are like the rose my
love and compare to none.
The (O) represents the outstanding
depths of color of each petal of
the rose. It's like the outstanding
depths of color that sparkle in
your beautiful eyes.
The (S) represents the softness
of each petal of the rose.
For your lips are like the
petals of a rose, soft and sweet
to each kiss.
The (E) represents the everlasting
beauty of the rose, for the rose
soon fades and dies.
But the everlasting beauty of it
stays in the eye of your mind forever
for you are like the rose my
love, for your beauty is everlasting
neither fades nor dies in the
eyes of the one that loves you.

William Bean



Kathy said...

Beautiful shot Norm. That chocolate looks good. =)