Friday, September 17, 2010

Vancouver International Airport

When I was high school I dreamed of working in another part of the world like The United States of America. But as a student I needed to pursue my goals in my country that's why I finished my Bachelor of Education in the Philippines. After I received my diploma I worked as a teacher in public school system in my country and married. Then after my sister graduated from college she left us. She went ahead and moved to find her destiny here in Canada. Anyway I realized dreams can really happen in real if you have the desire to work towards them. And with that I was able to come to Canada, the land of opportunity. I landed here last year and I'm excited to be here even though I left my nice job in the Philippines. I will make some sacrifices to have a better future here in Canada.

And time moved so fast. It's been almost 3 years since I first moved to Canada. I can still remember my experienced when I first stepped Vancouver International Airport, a long walk to the airport terminal. I arrived here last September 21 at exactly 10am from Hongkong. I felt so nervous that time maybe because I was traveling alone. I also got my working permit here in Vancouver, from Canada Immigration. After that I continued my flight to Toronto at exactly 11:25 am Air Canada with a seat number of 18B. It took 8 hrs to reached my destination. It's a great experienced very unforgettable.