Wednesday, November 5, 2008

To Live Another Day

To live Another Day is an old movie that I watched while my connection encountered a problem. The story is about a single parent that raise a child while remaining a successful career as an advertising executive. Juliet played by Vilma Santos finds herself struggling against an ever escalating series of problems. Everything in her life seems to go well until she is diagnosed with terminal disease. For the sake of her son and without revealing her condition, she forced to resolve her most important life relations, rekindling first her connections with her parents and then with the very man who fathered her son. In the twilight of her life, she meets and falls in love with a beleaguered artist name Ariel and played by Gabby Conception. Ariel in the story is very depressed and perpetually contemplating suicide. She slowly loses her health but unknowingly reawakens Ariel's desire to live. They both engage in meaningful affair, one that makes each day they live through together more meaningful than the last.