Thursday, December 11, 2008

IP2Proxy Anonymous Proxy List

Hello everyone! My name is Norm. How's your day? The weather here is cold. How's the weather in your location? I'm fine and happy. Even though the cold weather continues, my friend Elma and I love to go out after our shift at work.

Yesterday she invited me to have a dinner at King's Buffet Restaurant. Before we left we both made sure to put on proper winter wear such as warm winter clothes, which included boots, snow pants, winter coats, scarves, hats, gloves that are waterproof, to ensure that we are properly protected outside elements. As usual the food were very delicious and after our dinner we decided to go home.

When I arrived home, I saw my sister very upset and sad about her website. When I asked her what happened ? she told me that her website was hacked by another person. Actually she already deleted that website before but now her domain name service which she paid for is being used by the other person. One of my friends suggested to her to search the IP address of hacker of the site. In a few short minutes we found out that the IP address was located in New York City .

Well, we all know that there are many scammers, hackers and many less than honest people in the internet today, that's why it is advisable to have purchased the excellent software package IP2Proxy IP-COUNTRY Anonymous Proxy List. It's a great web solution that simplifies Anonymous Proxy server detection and turns it as simple as a query of IP address from a local database.

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