Sunday, December 21, 2008

Scenic Sunday

A fabulous Scenic view inside the mall. It was yesterday night when my friend and I went this awesome place Hudson's Bay Company. To view more pretty and wonderful photos check out Scenic Sunday, hosted by Aisha and feel free to view and participate if you wish. God bless and happy holidays.



People with Cameras said...

Great photo! Nothing like a good hockey game this time of year ;)

Aisha said...

This is a nice one, Norm. Wala pa jud ko katesting magskate.

Z'riz said...

Wow! Like the shot...hahahaha same with Aisha wa pa pud ko kasulay ug skate..hehehe :)

Joyoz said...

lingaw kaayo na skate Dae Norms kaso og matumba naku kasakit sa beywang hahaha. Lovely moving capture. Happy Christmas Mam Norms.