Sunday, August 31, 2008

Excellent Balance Transfer

I started using credit cards after I got a nice job. That's why I have lots of experienced using credits cards before and up to the present. I use it for emergency cases like buying important things and other unexpected expenses. Sometimes we are short of cash and we need money urgently. With the help of our credit card we can easily pay comfortably and without hassle. While I am browsing the net I found excellent balance transfer that help us save most money when we transfer a balance online. It's guaranteed safe, secure, fast, reliable and offer low interest rates. For more information log on to smartbalancetransfer dot com and apply online.


Thursday, August 28, 2008

Sky Watch Friday # 5

Hello to everyone! Here's my Sky Watch Friday #5. It was Monday morning when I woke up early at exactly seven and waited for my friend and her daughter to came in our house. While standing infront of our glass window I saw a lovely sunshine. After a few seconds I got my camera and took some pictures. I first captured at around seven in the morning and after one hour I took this second photo again.


Car Loan

Everyone of us has common priority in life. Mostly we have the same needs such as clothes, foods, shelter, house and most especially car. In terms of transportation, car is one of the most important things in life. We use car if we go to our work, buy an important foods in the market, shopping to mall, going to beautiful places and many more. Sometimes it can't be denied that we experience financial problem. That's the reason why its hard for us to buy a car immediately. Most of us needs to apply for a car loan online. But sometimes we encountered unexpected expenses and we failed to pay the exact amount of our loan. If you have problem like this, try to visit Bad Credit Car Loan online. It's a great opportunity to all consumers who experienced bad credit car loan problem in the past due to unexpected circumstances. No need for you to worry now because autosfin dot com are willing to give you a helping hand. They provide car insurance, car warranty and car loans online. It's the most reliable, fast service, secure with confidential operations. You can get an easy and free online loan form, bad and no credit cases are accepted with unlimited and professional support. All you have to do is to submit an application for approval. For more information log on to the website and apply online.


Tagged from Lynn

Hi! good morning to all my friends. How are you today? What is your plan for this weekend? Well, about us here we plan to go to beach again tomorrow to attend a birthday party of my friend's daughter. I just hope that we have a nice weather tomorrow. By the way, I got again a tag from sweet lynn. Thanks you sis for being thoughtful to me always.

1. What's your latest addiction?
- Blogging, traveling
2. What are you listening to?
- Music
3. How late did you stay up last night and why?
- Midnight usually I sleep at 12
4. Who were you with last friday night?
- My niece
5. Do you think you will be in a relationship 3 months from now?
- I don't know
6. When is the next time you’ll see your close friends?
- I have many close friend just met one last Sunday
7. What were you doing this morning at 7am?
- Sleeping

8. What radio station do you listen the most?
- None
9. What was the reason you last cried?
- Miss my son
10. Have you ever talked to someone when they were high?
- No
11. What’s the fifth text in your in box say?
- None
12.Where was the last coffee shop u go?
- Tim Hortons
13.Whats ur outfit right now?
- Red t shirt and white short
16. What were you doing at 11pm last night?
- Blogging
17. Who was the last person you talked to last night before bed?
- My sister
18. Will you be driving in a year?
- Not yet
19. Is there anything that you are craving right now?
- Ice cream
20. When did your last hug take place?
- Don't know
22. Have you ever started a sentence with “No offense, but…”?
- Sometimes
23. Do you drink tea?
- Yes!
24.Have you ever been arrested?
- Nope
25. Have you rode in someone else’s car today?
- Nope.
26. Have you made a mistake this past week?
- Don't know
27. Who was the last person you texted?
- My friend.
28. Are you happy with your life right now?
- NO
29. In the past 72 hours have you been under the influence?
- of drugs? No
30. What’s the connection between you and the last person you texted?
- She's my friend.


Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Fill In

I got this tag " Fill In " from pretty Jenny. Thanks to you sis for sharing this very interesting tag. And to all my friends who are interested to grab this fill in tag just feel free to copy paste and fill in with your right answer.


1. My roommate and I once: climbed the gate of our dorm when I was in college because we the 16 boarders went out for disco and when we arrived the gate was locked so we need to climbed the gate and it takes an hour before the landlady open door.
2. Never in my life have I: touch a snake because I'm afraid.
3. High school was: the happiest and lots of memories.
4. When I’m nervous: I go to the washroom to relax myself.
5. My hair: is straight black shiny hair.
6. When I was 5: I don't remember anything promise.
7. When I turn my head left: It’s my door already.
8. I should be: sleeping early tonight?
9. By this time next year: I hope I'm immigrant.
10. My favorite aunt is: no other than Auntie Beling.
11. I have a hard time understanding: how to make more money online.
12. You know I like you if:you like me too.
13. My ideal breakfast is: just a tea with milk and sometimes bread.
14. If you visit my home town: you can see our fabulous gym
15. If you spend the night at my house: you can sleep in my waterbed.
16. The animal I would like to see flying besides birds: is the butterflies and dragonfly.
17. I shouldn’t have been: eating too much to maintain my body.
18. Last night I: slept late because I typed many tasks.
19. A better name for me would be: Norm or Norms
20. I’ve been told I look like: Ruffa or Donita Rose before
21. If I could have any car, it would be: white


Best Acne Cure

My cousin Jessa suffered a skin problem last month. According to her mom it was an acne on her face. Many friends advised her to wash her face everyday before and after bedtime and buy an effective acne cure online. She tried to follow the advised of her friends. She didn't hesitate to bought and applied the best high quality acne treatment. She's so happy with the result because all her acne has gone already. If you have the same problem with Jessa just log on to the website and buy online.


Monday, August 25, 2008

Scenic Sunday

Hi! hello to all my friends in Scenic Sunday. How are you today? I hope everyone enjoy the weekend. With regards to my weekend, I and my friend Elma went to Stone Road yesterday that's why I forgot to post my Scenic Sunday. I arrived here at home I felt tired and rest immediately. I'm so sorry for my late post. Here's my entry for this week. A wonderful place from Florida. You can visit my other Scenic Sunday here also. Thanks for the visit and comments and God bless you all.


Personal Loans

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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Camera Critters ( Chickens )

Camera Critters

Hello to everyone. Here's my entry for this week " Chickens" I took these beautiful chickens last Canada Day July 1, 2008. Yes! the white chickens are so attractive with beautiful feathers. They are so cute and first time I saw like these pretty chickens too. Thanks for your comments and have a great weekend to all.


Cell Phone Accessories

Cell phone is one of the best advance technology in terms of communication. Most people nowadays own an excellent cell phone especially the younger generation. Even if you are not at home, you can easily call your family or loveones in just a matter of seconds. It's so handy, easy to use, fun and more exciting. You can talk and met new friends around the world. It's also a big help in terms of emergency cases. And to make your cell phone more attractive and enjoyable, buy an impressive cell phone accessories online. If you are interested, just log on to sfplanet dot com. They offer different kinds of accessories online to make your cell phone more smarter and beautiful. You can select durable and best high quality products that fits your need. What are you waiting for, buy now.


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Small Business Loans

Hi! Hello to all my friends online. How are you this afternoon? I hope everything is fine and in good health. About me here, I'm good and happy with my job. I would like to share a story about my friend Ana. She's one of my best friends and co-teacher back in the Philippines . Last month she told me that she owned a small business of internet cafe in our place. As a government employee, she applied for a loan and used the money for her internet cafe business. According to Ana, she earned a lot of money in just one month. She bought another set of computer units again and as of now has 20 computers for the business. She asked me to invest money and open an internet cafe business in our place but I told her that it’s hard for me to find money for capital.

While I am browsing the net I found a friendly website that offers small business loans and business financing online. Wow! Very interesting, isn't it? It's a big help to all who wants to start a business like me. How about you guys? Are you planning to have a business and you need capital? No more worries about money. Just try business loans online. If you are interested you can easily apply for the following: business loans, small business loans, restaurant loans, franchise financing, business lines of credit, working capital, unsecured loans, commercial loans, SBA loans, bad credit business loan, small business funding and many more. You can apply with no collateral, no closing cost or application fees; poor credit is ok with an easy application and minimal requirements. Fast approval is guaranteed for the release of the amount you need and it goes directly to your checking account within 5 to 7 business days. All transactions are safe and secure. For more information visit their popular website and try to apply online.


Lake Ontario

Hi friends! how are you this morning. Hope everything is fine. I would like to share this wonderful picture of mine taken at Toronto, Lake Ontario. Lake Ontario is one of the five great lakes of North America. A beautiful place for boating, swimming, fishing, picnic, camping, hiking and other activities. Taken last Saturday at Toronto inside the CNE ground. To all my friends take care and thanks for visit.


Monday, August 18, 2008

Unlocked Cell Phones

I started using cell phone when I was in college that I used to communicate with my family and friends. As modern technology changes everyday, there are many latest brand of cell phones that attract me so much. While I am browsing the net I found this fabulous website ustronics dot com. They offer different kinds of unlocked cell phones with a very affordable prices. All you have to do is to select the best that fit your needs. If you are interested just log on to the website and buy online.


What Makes Me Happy

I got this tag from a sexy friend of mine Glorie. Thank you so much sis for sharing me this what makes me happy and what makes me sad tag.
Start Copy { }
Here are the Rules:
1. List things that makes you happy and what makes you sad..
2. Add your blog to the list. Feel free to add all your other blogs.
3. Tag other online friends you know: Toni's attachment, Charmdestiny, Dressmeup, Gloriesolitude, Restlessrant, Fit4all, Travel and Photography, You next.

My laptop is the most important things that can makes me happy when I'm home. I earn money because of this and I'm so thankful for that. Secondly my digital camera that gives me happiness if I go out and captured beautiful sceneries, wonderful attractions and I'm happy for it. That's for now I will not mention the others.
Makes me sad? Yes! there are things that can make me sad and I don't want to write it here. Sorry I don't want to be sad now, so better not to write here. As of now I always wants to be happy and avoid the feeling of sadness to stay young and beautiful.


Sunday, August 17, 2008

Pimple Cream

Face is the one of the most important part of our body in order to look young, healthy and beautiful. That's why we need to take good care and maintain the beauty of our face. To avoid skin problems make sure to wash your face with lukewarm water and mild soap. Sometimes it can't be avoided that we suffered skin problems like pimples and acne. If you have problems like this visit acnecuresrevealed dot net. They offer pimple cream, acne cream and many more. For more information visit the website and buy online.


Scenic Sunday ( CNE )

More than thousands of people witnessed yesterday the giant annual event called Canadian National Exhibition ( CNE ). This big event just started the other day August 15, 2008. There are many international entertainment, more than 500 attractions, large carnival midway, shopping, international exhibits and cuisine, heritage festivals, agricultural exhibits, horticultural displays and many more. The Canadian National Exhibition is located near the heart of downtown Toronto on the shore of Lake Ontario. Take the Toronto bound Queen Elizabeth Way or Lakeshore Boulevard and follow the signs to the CNE/Exhibition Place.


Best Spa Accessories

Last week one of my friend Ana invited me to her place. When I arrived to her house I met my two friends Sheila and Vina. Ana invited us to joined her new hot tub that she bought last month and put it in their backyard. Yes! she got a high-tech hot tub and a very fabulous one. According to her its a cheap, easy to install, durable and portable hot tubs. We're all happy and enjoyed with the warm water. It's a great experienced that makes us feel comfortable, relax and had fun together. It's the best way to relieve stress, strains, muscle pains, headache, makes you feel relax with friends.

We all know that there are many finest and very wonderful hot tubs or spa accessories online. While I am browsing the net I found this very friendly website at secure.spascenes dot com. They provide best panoramic products that easy to install, won't harm your spa covers, interchangeable to different scenes. All you have to do is to try their best quality product that brings you to the best hot tub experience. You can buy with reasonable and very affordable prices. If you are interested try their awesome hot tub that adds beauty to your place. The easiest and trim-to-fit installation with no special tools. It's guaranteed durable, waterproof and high chemical resistance. For more information log on to the website now.


Friday, August 15, 2008

Auto Insurance Quotes Online

What do you think the most important if you buy a car? Well, auto insurance quotes online is necessary to all car owners. It can protect you, your automobile as well as your family. If you are looking for the best and secure auto insurance quotes online, try onlineautoinsurance dot com. They can provide the cheapest and affordable prices that fit your needs. For more information, log on to their famous website now.


Best Fat Burners

Everyone of us needs to maintain our body healthy, sexy and beautiful. Even we follow the right healthy diet foods and regular exercise but still were overweight and suffered obesity. If you have a problem like this try to use Fentraphen, a good diet and natural weight loss supplement. It's the best fat burners that guaranteed safe, quick and easy to loss weight with a very affordable prices. For more information log on to fatburner dot net and buy.


Thursday, August 14, 2008

Car Insurance

My cousin Julie experienced a car accident last year but she's fine now. The only damaged was her favorite red Toyota car. Thanks to her car insurance because it helps a lot. How about you guys? Are you looking the best car insurance online? Try to visit insurancebureau dot com, the cheapest car insurance for you. All you have to do is to log on to the website and apply online.


Sky Watch Friday ( Splash Pad )

Hello good afternoon to everyone. Here's my skywatch entry for today. A place for kids to play, take a bath while playing. My niece, my friend Lilia with her kid Sam and I were here last week. We had joy, we had fun with a perfect season in the sun. We brought different kinds of foods like cake, fried chicken, pizza, peanuts, fruits and biscuits.


Payday Loans

Suffered from financial problem? Short of cash? Well, if you need money for bills, mortgage, car repair, foods, shopping or tuition fee, paydayloansmania dot com is here to help you. They provide quick Payday Loans and no fax loans to cope up with your needs. It's the easiest, very friendly, courteous and three minutes application. You can avail if you pass the minimum Payday Loan Requirements that requires little personal information. Application for your payday loans is process online. All transaction is safe and secure. So, what are you waiting for don't hesitate to visit the website and apply online.


Brillante Weblog Award

Thanks to you my friend Toni for sharing this brillante weblog award. I appreciate your kindness. I have this already to my other site and love to post it again here. And to all my friends who are interested just feel free to grab this award. God bless you all.

The Above recipients of the Brillante Weblog are welcomed to put the Logo on their personal blogs and have the honor of passing this award to seven other bloggers.

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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Personal Loan

Most people today need financial help to pay for our children's tuition fees, mortgage, insurance, car, home repairs, bills, basic needs and other unexpected expenses. We all know that its very hard to borrow money from our friends or even our relatives. So, if you are looking for the best Personal Loan online, personalloansleader dot com is the right place for you. They provide quick personal loan, bad credit loan, payday loan, auto loan, debt relief and many more. It's the easiest and fastest to get a personal loan without so much hassle and no stress to all borrowers. For more information visit the website and apply online.


It's Snack Time

I grab this interesting tag from sexy friend Sheng. Thank you so much for this snack time tag. Well, with regards to my son's favorite foods here it is:

This pictures taken last November 3, 2007 at Jollibee and Greenwich pizza in our place. His very best foods are chicken joy, spaghetti, pizza, ice cream, hotdog, cake, bread, fruits with softdrinks.

I want all mommies to share their kid’s favorite snacks.When you are done with the tag link me up here so I can add your blog(s) to the master list.

1. I Am Mommy 2. All About The Memories 3. Enchanted Play 4. Just My Scrap 5. My Happy Place 6. Iam Dzoi 7. Suburban Sass 8. To the Moon and Back 9. Raising Sandy 10. Something Purple 11. Em’s Detour 12. Mind Bubbles 13. Stripe&Yellow 14. Vanity Kit 15. Living A Healthy Life 16. My Views On My So Called Life 17. My Virtual Closet 18. The Real Deal The Real Me 19. Life is Good and Beautiful 20. RamFam 21. My Angels Worl" 22. Sheng's Simple Thoughts 21. Travel and Photography 22. YOU


Checking Account

All of us have our own choice of banking needs. If you plan to open bank account to save money for the education of your kids through college or building investments for the future, wamu dot com is the best destination. They provide excellent Checking Account , savings accounts and many more. It's guaranteed safe, secure, easy and very convenient. If you are interested visit the website and apply online.


Kick Ass Blogger Award

Hi! Hello to all my friends in blogging. Hows your day? I hope you enjoy blog hopping and doing your tasks. Well, with me I have many things to do today. I need to cook first, eat, wash dishes, laundry, cleaning and of course blogging now. Wow! another award from sweet friend of mine Lynn. Thanks to you sis for sharing me always your interesting tags and cutest awards. I always appreciate girl..

Do you know any bloggers that kick ass?

Maybe they’ve got incredible, original content. Or they’re overflowing with creativity. Is it someone that helps you become a better blogger? Or a bloggy friend you know you can count on? Or maybe it’s someone who simply inspires you to be a better person… or someone else who sends you to the floor, laughing your ass off.

Whatever the reason may be, I’m sure you know at least a couple of bloggers that kick ass. Well… why not tell ‘em so?


  • Choose 5 bloggers that you feel are “Kick Ass Bloggers”
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Love to pass this award to all my friends in my list. Grab everybody!


Personal Loans

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Monday, August 11, 2008

Party @ Guelph Lake

Every summer the Linamar company celebrates family day. Yesterday all the workers from linamar company went to Guelph lake with family. The weather in the morning was good but we arrived here late and its rainy already. Guelph Lake nature centre is located on the northeast of the city of Guelph. You travel north on highway 6 out of Guelph then turn to the right into conservation road then follow the signs.

There were lots of rides for children to have fun. Not only for children but also for the parents who accompanied their kids to rides. Lots of foods also were served. The party ended at five in the afternoon.


Sales Jobs

Our neighbor Kate received her diploma last year and now she is looking for an excellent job. One day she visited me at home and I advised her to searched a job online. That day we opened my laptop and with a few checks of my mouse we found a great website salesjobs dot net. They offer different kinds of sales jobs and sales careers. All you have to do is to post your resume to find an excellent job. If you are interested visit the website and sign up now.


Sunday, August 10, 2008

C'elle Client Testimonial

As I mentioned before there are many ways on how to maintain healthy body and away from many diseases. First to is eat healthy foods or well balanced diet that rich in protein, minerals and vitamins. It is best recommended to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. If possible avoid too much red meats, sweets, sugary drinks, alcohol, caffeine, carbohydrates, salt and harmful fats. Overeating is not good to our body. Regular exercise is the best weapon to everyone's health. It can help you stay physically fit, makes yourself active and comfortable. Drink plenty of water, avoid too much liquor and please don't smoke. One day one of my friend Sheila told me about new stem cell research innovation for woman called C'elle. She said that her grandparents before suffered of Parkinson's disease. Thats why her parents and siblings stored a steam cell for the future of the family. When I reached home I tried to visit the website given to me by my bestfriend. Upon listening C'elle Client Testimonial I learn that Celle dot com offer a media kit by which one can collect stem cells from menstrual blood and have the preserved. These can later be useful in many diseases like cancer, diabetes type I, leukemia as well as neurological disorders such as Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's, osteoporosis, spinal cord injury and many more. They are just there to help rejuvenate the cells. If one of your family having unexpected disease like osteoporosis its easy to solve the problem. It may have prospective cosmetic applications such as anti-aging treatments. How about you guys? If one of your family suffered of that kind of disease try to visit the website and order online.


All About Shoes

A sweetest thanks to lynn my cutify friend in blogging. I'm so happy that I received another tag for my site. It's a great tag because we have to take picture of our shoes alone. And to all my six friends don't forget to grab this tag of mine. Promise to visit you all if have the chance. Take care and good morning to everyone.

{Start Copy}

What’s your shoe size? Are your feet the same size as your mom’s feet? How about your sister’s feet? Can you borrow shoes from each other?

Post a picture of your latest shoe buy. Tag the number of women of your shoe size, i.e. size 5 = tag 5 friends. Don’t forget to drop a line in this blog when you’re done.

@ Jenny and Belle
@ SAHMdom and Beyond
@ The Journey Continues…
@ Mommy Talks…
@ When Mom Speaks
@ Walk on Red
@ Random Thoughts
@ My Precious Niche
@ Home Sweet Blahh
@ Joys In Life
@ Sheng's Simple Thoughts
@ My So-Called Life
@ Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
@ Your Blog here

My Mom’s Shoe Size: 7
My Sister's Shoe Size: 7
My Shoe Size: 6

{End Copy}

That my leather shoes gift from a friend here in our place. Well, I can't borrow shoes from my mom and sister. Obviously they have a big feet than mine, hehehe. It's my sister who can borrow my mom's shoes but she didn't borrow since because she can buy many shoes she want.


Saturday, August 9, 2008

Bus For Sale

In every country bus is the main transportation in the city. There are lots of different buses from small, medium and large that travel to any part of the city. When I was young I dreamed of buying a large bus if I have money and a good job. One day, while I am browsing the net I found a great bus for sale online. They provide best quality brand new bus and used bus with the best color that fits your needs. For more information log on to the website carpenterbus dot com and buy now.


Real Love Story ( Sana Maulit Muli )

I'm feel so bored this morning thats why I watched old movie of my favorites stars. The story goes like this, Agnes played by Lea Salonga and Aga Muhlach as Jerry find their love put to the test when Agnes is petitioned by her mother to join her in the States. She constantly calls Jerry for companionship but the latter has been busy prioritizing his work. Parallel events lead them to lose touch. Until they meet again after so many years but Jerry surprised of the different Agnes welcomes her. She`s now a confident and successful real state dealer. Jerry professes his love for Agnes and decide to give up everything for love this time.