Thursday, October 30, 2008

Nikon Monarch and Trailblazer Binoculars

Travel around the world is the most exciting and very challenging to all vacationers. If you love to travel this coming Christmas with your friends, family and loveones, Nikon Monarch and Trailblazer Binoculars is the best high quality gear for outdoor activity. You can easily buy Nikon ATB promo now until 31st of December 2008.You can get $50 gift card from when you purchase one of the Monarch ATB binoculars and $25 gift card when you get Trailblazer ATB, an Action Extreme ATB, or a ProStaff binocular. It's great because you can enjoy and have fun like hunting, bird watching or sport viewing. If you are interested, just visit the website and buy now.


Good Morning

Good morning to all my friends online. How are you today? I hope everything is fine. As for me here, very busy with my jobs daily.

Before anything else, I would like to share an inspirational message to all of you. This is from Psalm 37:4 that say's" Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart".

That's all for now. Thanks for the visit and once again Good morning.


Monday, October 27, 2008

Personal Loans

Hi! Hello to everyone. How's your day? I hope all of your kids will enjoy the Halloween trick and treat this coming Friday. Even though we suffered economic crises nowadays, still we need to celebrate Halloween. We all know that money is one of the common problems from all over the world. Stop worrying about your bills, mortgage, car repair, tuition fee or unexpected expenses because Personal Loans Online are available for you. It's the quickest, convenient, no hassles and the fastest online personal loan approvals and bad credit is not a problem. No need for you to worry because it's guaranteed safe, secure and confidential. If you are interested, visit and apply online.


Good Morning

Hello and good morning to all of you. It's Monday again, time to get up early, take a bath, eat my breakfast and go to work. I slept late last night, I think around twelve thirty in the evening. I'm still so sleepy but I need to get ready. Oh! There's a little bit rain outside and I know it's cold outside too. Well, bye for now, have a nice day and see you later.


Sunday, October 26, 2008

Today's Flowers

Daisy is one of my favorite flowers when I was in grade school. We have many different kinds of colors in our school flower garden before. Today, orange daisy is my simple contribution for this week Today's Flowers.
These kinds of flowers are very common and easily grown in dry and sunny areas. It's nice for wedding arrangements, bouquets and Halloween decorations.

Thanks to Luiz Santilli and Denise BC for hosting the site. To all my friends online, if you love to participate feel free to join and don't forget to add your URL in the auto link.

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Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Stress Institute

Stress is very common to everyone and all of us experience stress in our daily life. We all know that stress can give positive or negative effect in our body and mind. There are many different reasons why a person suffered from stress like frustrations, conflicts, pressure, overwork, examinations, illness, depression, fatigue, homesickness, anxiety, lack of sleep, anger, problems and many more. If you suffered from too much stress, The Stress Institute is the best solution and training. They focus on posttraumatic stress disorder research and they provides solutions and practices in the fields of stress management, work and life balance, sustainability and mindful living to corporations, non-profits and individuals. The company was founded since 1997 by the award winning author, Dr. Kathleen Hall, expert in stress and work-life balance. If you are interested, visit and join now.


It's Friday Again

Thanks it's Friday again, last day of my work. At least I can rest and visit my friends in blogging. A time for me to go out with friends and do shopping on Saturday. How about you guys? I hope all of us enjoy the weekend.

Tagged from Jhona.

1. What are your favorite shoes? any but I love black in color

2. What does your favorite shirt or blouse look like? A cute shirt or blouse and I prefer the pink, red, white and sometimes yellow

3. What does your favorite t-shirt say on it? I use plain t shirt and I don't like wearing t shirt with print.

4. Do you think you look better in casual or business attire? yes! If I feel comfortable and I love the color

5. What do you sleep in? pajama or t shirt and shorts

6. Do you wear expensive sneakers? yes!

7. What is your favorite hat? any I love hat..

8. Your preference for men: Boxers or briefs? both

9. Your preference for women: Suits or dresses? dresses


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Decision Logic

To have a successful restaurant business it's important for us to select the best location that is surrounded by well trained people. We all know that restaurant business nowadays is very competitive because of the modern technology. One of my friends Ana and her sister Cecil own 20 restaurants in our country. According to her, in running a multi restaurant business, they uses the best restaurant inventory management software . This product has tools for budget to control accounts payable and also has a large retention rate. Decision Logic is the great product and has all the comprehensive tools you will need to track restaurant reporting, budget controls, accounts payable and much more everything you will need for your back house operations and it just gets better. For more information, visit and order online.


Sky Watch Friday

Hello and good day to all sky lovers and most especially to the managers Tom, Sandy, IMAC & Klaus. Here's my entry for this week, a wonderful colors of the maple leaves. I took these pictures when my sister and I went to the next city. Most people enjoy the changes of colors of autumn leaves including me. A beautiful leaves turns to reds, yellows and oranges, gold and brown before the leaves fall off the trees. Thanks for your visit...


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Happy Halloween

Halloween is one of the best holidays for both children and adults. It's a wonderful time to decorate your house and celebrate the fun holiday together with your family, friends, relatives and neighbors.

I love the feeling when it gets cooler out and most people are very busy buying their Halloween costumes outfit, decorations, candies, chocolates and many more. If you love to buy a stroller for your kids, Bugaboo stroller at is the best. You can select different kinds of latest style and nice color with a very affordable price. Your baby can use the stroller for visiting the house of your friends and neighbors during their trick and treat this coming October 31.

I hope everybody enjoy the Halloween activities and costume parties. God bless and Happy Halloween to all.


Sunday, October 19, 2008

Quick Online Loans

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Today's Flowers ( Red Anturuim )

My Today's Flower contribution for this week a beautiful heart shape flower name Anthurium. These kind of flowers are very common in the Philippines and I have more than 100 Anthurium before with different colors. Thanks to Luiz Santilli and Denise BC for hosting the site. If you love to participate feel free to join and don't forget to add your name in the auto link.

Scientific classification

Kingdom: Plantae
Division: Magnoliophyta
Class: Liliopsida
Order: Alismatales
Family: Araceae
Genus: Anthurium


Get Ready to Move!

There are many reasons why some people need to move and relocate from one place to another. The most common reasons are distance of work, transfer of job assignment, new job station and marriage. We all know that relocation can be stressful, hard and expensive nowadays. One of my friends told me that is the best, the cheapest long distance moving companies and relocation guides. They provides real estate guide, mortgage guide, moving guide, career guide, storage guide, home improvement guide and many more. is one of the most popular that provides free auto shipping quotes and car transport resources and information. Aside from that they have also that provides shipping quotes for international moves and relocation with a very affordable price. So, if you plan to relocate visit the website now for more information.


Friday, October 17, 2008

Ruby Tuesday (Pumpkin Farm)

A pleasant hello to all Ruby Tuesday members and most especially to Mary, our energetic host. Here's my entry for this week. The girl with red jacket is my sister Agring with her daughter Abby and I'm the one who took that picture above.
That's me and it's my niece Abby who took the second picture. She's four years old and soon to be a photographer and a blogger like mom.
taken @ Storm's Farm last Saturday afternoon. Thanks to Mary, the teach for hosting the site Ruby Tuesday. To those who love to participate feel free to contribute and don’t forget to add your site in auto link below. See ya!!!


Time Sheet Software

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Today's Flowers ( White Chrysanthemums )

White Chrysanthemum flowers are my contribution here in Today's Flowers. These kind of flowers are very common and easily grown during summer and ends during fall. Thanks to Luiz Santilli and Denise BC for hosting the site. If you love to participate feel free to join and don't forget to add your name in the auto link.

Kingdom: Plantae
Division: Magnoliophyta
Class: Magnoliopsida
Order: Asterales
Family: Asteraceae
Tribe: Anthemideae
Genus: Chrysanthemum
Color: White
Source: Wikipedia


Europe Sightseeing

Travel to the most beautiful places in Europe this coming Christmas is great and enjoyable. Christmas is in the air and you can hear the Christmas songs over the radio and television. It is the season of redecorating Christmas lights and Christmas tree inside and outside the house. As the holidays approach, the shop displays go up and the snow starts to fall. It's the time to start preparing the home for quiet winter evenings and for family gatherings. It's the season of love, sharing, giving, enjoyment and the great opportunity to travel around the world.

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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

We Need Friends

Thanks lynn for being a friend. You're one of my precious friend in blogging. Stay as sweet as you are. I love to share this to my bestfriend Mymy, Wincel and to all my friends in blogging.

We need Friends for many reasons,
all throughout the season.
We need Friends to comfort us when we are sad,
and to have fun with us when we are glad.
We need Friends to give us good advice,
We need someone we can count on,
and treat us nice.
We need Friends to remember us
one we have passed sharing memories
that will always last.


Dept Consolidation

We can't deny the fact that money is the number one problem in our society nowadays. Most people throughout the world are running short of cash. They need money to pay their bills, taxes, foods, mortgage, tuition fees, car repair and many unexpected expenses. Whether we like it or not, we have to solve all financial problems that comes in our life.

One of my friend name Ana suffered financial problem because she had personal loans and different kinds of credit cards. She tried her best to pay monthly but she can’t provide the exact payment of the said loans because she suffered from too much amount of interest.

My mother advised Ana to attend the dept consolidation program and try to apply for debt consolidation online. When Ana and I went home, we check the website in the internet. After a few click of my mouse, we found that offer the easiest and fastest dept consolidation online. They cater individuals to consolidate multiple dept and improve credits scores. They provide free dept consolidation program and help the people to work with creditors and resolve all outstanding dept.

I agree with this dept consolidation process because it can help a lot to my friend and to all the people. Aside from lower or eliminate interest rates and fees, it lessen the monthly premium and restore your credit rating. No one will harass you in the phone. They will help you to consolidate from your multiple debts and make it into one easy to manage with affordable and lower monthly payment. Aside from that, they provide an excellent advice and help you pay off your dept immediately. It’s guaranteed safe, secure, convenient and confidential.

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Friday, October 10, 2008

Camera Critters (Philippine Eagle)

Camera Critters

Philippine eagle is one of the tallest, rarest, largest and most powerful birds in the world. It's our national bird in the Philippines. Thanks for the visit and good night to everyone.


Small Business Loan

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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Sky Watch Friday

Hello guys! Sky Watch Friday is here again. It’s the time to view and have fun while viewing the most wonderful skies around the world. My contribution for this week is a simple photo from Centreville Amusement Park Toronto Islands. One of the fabulous rides and attractions is the sky rides for children.

While the children were so excited and had fun with the rides, my friend Elma shared about the job descriptions she found in the internet. She got interested about it and advised me to check the website at

To all my friends who love to join Sky Watch Friday, feel free to participate and don't forget to visit the site, leave a comment and put your URL in the auto link.

Thank you for the visit and goodnight to everyone!!!


Personal Loan

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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Watery Wednesday

My simple watery contribution for this week, my favorite swimming pool when I was in the Philippines. Thanks for the comments and visit. To those who love to participate watery Wednesday, you are all invited to join at Eyes Mind Heart, hosted by 2sweetnsaxy. See ya!!!


Care Nutrition

Proper nutrition is the best important to have a healthy life. Eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, grains, and legumes that are rich in vitamins, minerals, fiber, fluids, carbohydrate, low fat, free from cholesterol, and protein. Limit sugary foods, salt, and refined-grain products and eat in moderation. Eat slowly and stop eating when you're full. Drink plenty of water daily.

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Press Release:

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The company announced the ecommerce website will open a new channel of distribution that will greatly increase their service offerings.

“We are excited to launch the Care Nutrition ecommerce website as it expands our ability to provide quality, doctor-recommended nutritional supplements on a national level direct to health-conscious consumers,” says Bill Johnson, Care Nutrition Product Manager. “The ecommerce site is designed to enhance our distribution network through direct participation by our retail outlets.”

Care Nutrition brings a new dimension of quality to the dietary supplement industry with highly refined, doctor-recommended products in a market where most are met with hesitant consumers uncertain about product integrity and efficacy.

Care Nutrition is committed to using natural and organic ingredients, and also offers several vegan-friendly supplements.

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For more information contact Bill Johnson at (407) 566-1091 or

About Care Products, Inc.

Care Products, Inc., a subsidiary of Paquin Healthcare Companies, Inc., is a leading supplier of health and wellness lifestyle products and is dedicated to providing the highest quality and most dependable dietary supplements, cosmetics and skincare products to the healthcare industry.

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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Ruby Tuesday ( Stone Road Mall )

Last Saturday my friend and I went to Stone Road mall. It’s the best time for me to relax, rest and of course eating here in my favorite fast food. It may sound simply and very ordinary but it can make my world of difference and can make me feel happy. Strolling is not complete without foods to eat. So, we ate together and enjoy these very simple foods but tastes great. The place is very convenience and spacious. There are lots of beautiful things hanging around. It's nice to room around especially during weekend and buy items as a souvenir. Thanks to Mary, the teach for hosting the site Ruby Tuesday. To those who love to participate feel free to contribute and don’t forget to add your site in auto link below. See ya!!!


Boston Marketing Jobs

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Sexy and Beautiful

Grapes are one of my favorite fruits because it’s sweet, juicy and fun to eat. A perfect low calorie, eighty percent water with proteins, minerals, copper, manganese, zinc and fiber. It's the sources of vitamin A, B, B6, reduces cholesterol and triglycerides. It detoxifies and cleanses the system and can lose weight.

But, according to my friend Cecil, she becomes sexy because she takes diet pills from I can see her body, its curve, sexy and beautiful. Well, if you are looking for a great natural way to feel young and sexy, visit the website and buy online.


Monday, October 6, 2008

Today's Flowers

Ohh! I forgot to post Today's Flowers yesterday. Well, here's my contribution for this week, a beautiful and sweet cream white marigold flowers of our neighbor. These kind of flowers are very common and easily grown during summer and ends during fall. Thanks to Luiz Santilli and Denise BC for hosting the site. If you love to participate feel free to join and don't forget to add your name in the auto link. God bless you all.


Sunday, October 5, 2008

Hotel Reservations

Do you love to travel this coming Christmas? Christmas is in the air and you can hear the Christmas songs over the radio and television? It's the season of love, happiness, enjoyment with family and friends. We all know that Christmas season is the busiest occasion worldwide. If you want to travel, you need to plan it carefully before you proceed to your destination. You need to know every details to make your travel goes smoothly and easily. You have to book one month in advance to be sure that you have a comfortable and beautiful place to stay. Wherever you want to stay for leisure and business travel, you have book for a hotel reservation online. If you want to explore the beauty of Italy, you can easily book for Hotel Naples at If you love to see the fabulous museums, monuments and the Congress Palace, try to book for Hotel Florence online. They provide excellent and comfortable accommodation with beautiful rooms, private bathroom and air conditioning. To those who are interested to experience the Bed breakfast Paris, don’t hesitate to explore and enjoy while still young. If you are interested, do not wait for the last minute, log on the website and book online.


Scenic Sunday

Hello good afternoon to all Scenic Sunday friends. I'm so late to post my entry for this week because I'm a bit busy yesterday in my other sites. By the way this picture was taken in China by my friend. God bless and I hope you enjoy the weekend.


National Corporate Housing

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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Camera Critters ( Brave )

Camera Critters

A three year old Samoyed named Brave came from a strong Pedigree line of pure bred Samoyeds. Brave was a very obedient and strong sleigh dog. He was very affectionate with children ( click here ). He had many ribbons from Dog shows he was shown in.


Wholesale Electronics

Christmas is fast approaching that's why I'm very excited to buy special gifts for my family and friends. I wish to buy a wholesale electronics for my son, brothers, sisters, mother and friends at Since my son and two brothers love music, I plan to buy a latest iPods for them and digital cameras for my mother and two sisters. If I have enough money I love to buy wholesale jewelry for my friends. If you love to buy wholesale electronics, visit the website and order online.


So Yummy

When it comes to chicken, skinless legs is my favorite. It's the most common food but so delicious, flavorful and nutritious meal. Chicken is the source of protein, mineral, phosphorous and many vitamins. It's the best healthy alternative to red meat.


Cheap Rugs

When I was a teacher, I let my students to make a handmade rug as their projects. I give them directions and guide them in making rugs. They just cut an old fabric in strips and then braided it. They sewed the braid with strong thread, creating a spiral to form a circle or an oval shape.

A rug is one of the most important things inside the house. All of us use rugs to add color, charm, harmony, beauty, decorations and art in the floor. It's the best way to change your mood or character of your room. You can beautify your dining rooms, kitchens and living rooms. Area rugs can make your room look luxurious, comfortable and trendy. It gives your house a warm, cozy and comfortable for you and your guests. It's also helpful to us especially if we have children or seniors at home. It helps us to protect against injury from impact in case of falling down or preventing you from hazardous accident.

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Friday, October 3, 2008

Our Kitchen Faucet

While my sister and I cooked Embutido, suddenly our kitchen sink has a problem. The handle of our faucet was broken. I have to clean up the place and told my brother in law to fix it. He tried to fix the broken faucet. But my sister wants to buy a new faucet online. offer different kinds of faucets such as kitchen faucets, bar sink faucets, bathroom sink faucets, bidet faucets, clawfoot tub faucets, laundry faucets, shower faucets, tub and shower faucets, whirlpool faucets, bathroom accessories and shower accessories. If you want to shop affordable faucets, visit the website and order online.


Thursday, October 2, 2008

Embutido or Filipino Meatloaf

Embutido is a traditional Filipino style of meatloaf, wrapped in an aluminum foil and steamed. This dish is very popular during fiestas, birthdays, Christmas, Noche Buena and many occasions.

The ingredients needed are the following:

*** 1 kilo minced pork
*** 3 raw eggs
*** 1 onion chopped finely
*** 2 tbsp soy sauce
*** 1/2 cup raisin/sultana
*** 1/2 cup sweet relish
*** 1 cup sausage/hotdog, chopped
*** 1/2 cup grated cheese
*** 2 hard boiled eggs quartered
*** 1/2 cup finely chopped carrots
*** 3 tbsp bread crumbs
*** Salt & pepper, to taste


1. In a large bowl, combined all the ingredients except for the hard boiled eggs
2. Mix well, until blended.
3. Spread half of the mixture in an aluminum foil. (enough to make one roll)
4. Arrange the hard boiled eggs on top.
5. Roll the mixture over to form a jelly rod.
6. Roll tightly and wrap in aluminum foil, seal both ends. Repeat with the remaining pork mixture. This can make 2 jelly roll depending on how big /small you want it.
7. Place the roll in a steamer for one hour. Chill.
8. Remove from wrapping before serving.


OAG Land With A Plan

Are you inspired to travel? Whether you travel for business or for pleasure, you have to know the tips and information about the place you want to visit and the exact date and time of your travel. But sometimes it can’t be avoided that there are changes of our plans like cancelled flights, delays, increased prices, fees and restrictions that you experience. OAG is always there to help you. Learn to know about traveler's right and the OAG's products. When it comes to travel, OAG Mobile Flight and Travel Data is great. You can choice whether online, mobile, print or the combination of three, they can provide solutions and you can change your plans quickly, easily, anytime and anyplace. For more details, log on to immediately.


Pancit Bihon

Pancit Bihon is one of the favorite recipe of Filipino and Chinese. This popular dish is also serve during different occasions such as party, wedding, fiesta, Christmas and Noche Buena.
The Ingredients are the following:

2 oil
1/2 tsp.minced garlic
2 tsp. sliced onions
4 pork strips
4 pcs.shrimps,shelled
3 tbsp. shredded chicken meat
2 tbsp. carrot strips
5 pcs. chicharo
1/4 cup sliced cabbage
2 pcs. baguio beans, sliced
1 cup rich chicken/shrimp stock
1tsp. soy sauce
1 1/2 cups pancit bihon
salt and pepper


Saute garlic and onion in oil until fragrant. Stir in pork strips and cook until brown. Blend in shrimps and chicken meat. Add all the vegetables and stir fry just until done. Remove half of the mixture and set aside. Pour in stock and soy sauce. Let boil toss in noodles, season to taste and simmer just until noodles are tender. Transfer on to serving plate and top with the reserved meat-vegetable mixture.Serve with calamansi.


The Award Winning Web Design

I'm so proud to say that one of my friends knows how to design or develop a simple website. She can do whatever she wants in her website without hiring any web developer. She's so lucky to have a great talent in web designing. If you are looking for a hi-tech and award winning web design company, Jacksonville web design can provide your needs. 352 Media offers an award winning services of web design development, web applications, CD and DVD production, motion graphics with a very affordable prices. They serve many clients in every region of the country through their Web development production offices in Atlanta, Georgia and Gainesville, Florida, and Web design company sales offices in New York, Seattle, Los Angeles, Detroit, Ann Arbor, Michigan and Jacksonville, Florida. For more details, log on


Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Sky Watch Friday

I took this picture last year when we visited this beautiful place and stay for a short vacation together with friends. One of the best Resorts in the Philippines found at Mergrande Ocean Resort, located at the southern tip of Davao City. It's approximately 8.8 hectares beachfront property at Bago Aplaya, Talomo District and twenty-five minute drive from downtown Davao.


Online Grocery Coupons

After watching the movie Caregiver, I took a bath then ate my breakfast. After a few minutes, I open my laptop and search for the best online grocery coupons . is the quickest, printable grocery coupons that can easily use to the local store in our place. They also feature cooking articles that helps us prepare quick and economical meals. You can see different products on sale in their online grocery circulars section. Interested? Log on to the website and sign up now.