Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Scenic Sunday

I took these snow pictures last week when we had a heavy snow. If I'm not mistaken it was Tuesday but never mind the day. We really had a heavy snow last week always -21°C to -23°C. More nice today we have only -5°C and minus 8 for tomorrow. On Wednesday and Friday we have only a light snow. I think we have a nice weather this week and I'm happy for that.
I took these pictures at my friend's house when I visited there. To view more Scenic pictures, visit our main site Scenic Sunday badge hosted by Aisha and feel free to join. Be there and see ya!



Linnea W said...

Wow! So much freshly fallen snow. It looks lovely but very cold. I wonder when it will all disappear. Here in northern California we're having springlike weather! The plum trees are starting to blossom! Happy SS.

Joy0z said...

lovely as usual ganda ng view din dyan noh?

Aisha said...

Chadaha ani imo mga pics, Norm uy! Makamingaw biya ang snow, tugnaw lang kaayo.