Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Yummy Sunday

Its spring rolls the Filipino favorite recipe during parties and get together. It's my friend Miriam who made these yummy spring rolls, one of her recipes last 25th of December at their house. I am one of her visitors that time and of course I brought my camera there.
To view more yummy foods, just visit our main site Yummy Sunday hosted by Janet and you can participate if you like. See you there!!



Aisha said...

Gusto ko maghimo ani diri. Mga next week guro kay gimingaw nako sa lumpia. Hehe!

floreta said...

i so your picture and thought you might be filipino. lumpia is sooooo good. (here thru scenic sunday)

floreta said...

saw* sorry..

Lisa said...

Those look delicious.

People with Cameras said...

I love spring rolls, never made them before tho. These look gooooood!