Friday, February 13, 2009

Toy Hunt

I'm so busy this morning and I forgot to post an entry for toy hunt. I have many pictures in my laptop and ready for post but I went out. I walked at the nearby store and bought milk, fruits and vegetables.

I really love to walk every morning to exercise my body and to get fresh air. Regular exercise is the best way on how to maintain our body healthy, stay active, looks younger and beautiful. Most women after giving birth became bigger and bigger.

Like me, I experience a lot of changes in my body after pregnancy. I became obese and gain more weight. It was made me uneasy wearing sexy dresses and swimsuit. Sometimes I got embarrass when they said I'm so fat and overweight. That's why I need to purchase a wonderful elliptical online and use it at home. It's great, durable, new design and very affordable.

If you are interested, you can check out the website and order online.



pining said...

lovely and colorful bears... you are loved :-)
happy valentines day!

JoyD said...

Hi Norms.... You must really be a well Loved person,, dami nyan ah!!!!! have a lovely week!!!

Gin E said...

wow! lots of love talaga. My little sisters already claimed my stuff toys i guess I won't be passing it on to my daughter. Pero ok lang because she has tons of it na.