Friday, March 13, 2009

Online Dating

Nowadays, there are many ways on how to find your dream husband or a dream wife to be. One of the most popular ways is to engage in chatting and online dating. Many of my friends, tried online dating, and later on found their true love in the internet or we called it soul mate. In the internet, you can also find new friends worldwide. It's so easy and very convenient. You can talk to your new friends online and both of you can see each other by using your own web camera.

One of my cousins name Liza, found his boyfriend in the internet. After two years of communication, they agreed to meet each other. His boyfriend travel from USA to the Philippines to met my cousin. After more than one year of processing the papers, my cousin got her visa and travel to USA. We're so happy with the result of their application. Presently, my cousin is now living in Colorado, USA and happily married with one son.

How about you? If you are searching for new friends, lover or a husband to be, feel free to sign up and search for friends online.



paferds said...

ei friend pls link my blog.. already add you..tnx