Thursday, April 16, 2009

Credit and debt consolidation

When I woke up this morning and open my laptop I saw my best friend online. I chat to her using my yahoo messenger id. She shared to me about her financial problem. Last month she was lay off from work. They have 2 daughters who are now studying in college and they help them so it's hard for them to budget the money.

According to her, his husband has military star credit card that can be used only at one particular store or chain of stores. It can also be used for online or catalog shopping for the exchange system or at any military exchange facility, army, air force, navy and marine or cost guard. Aside from that credit card they also use other three credit cards.

The problem is they can not pay the exact amount of those 4 credit cards. They also suffer too much interest and can no longer pay every month. She also worried about the monthly mortgage of their house, bills, tax and many more expenses. It's really sad to know how debt affects credit. I tried to convince her to apply consolidation loans to lessen the monthly payments. They can also give advices and educate people about their debts and give tips to help get out of debt. You can easily apply online, no hassle, safe with fast approval.

Well, she was happy talking to me and plans to talk to his husband after work so that they can apply debt consolation loan.