Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Family Day

We had a nice weather the other Sunday 19th day of April. My friend picks me up at three forty five in the afternoon and we went to the church. The Filipino Christian Fellowship celebrated Family Day. The event started with our regular Sunday worship service lead by Pastor. After hearing the word of God and praise Him, we had our dinner. Everybody loves and enjoyed the food.

Most of us proceed to the church gymnasium where the volleyball games were held. Some of the men played the volleyball while the others seated on the benches and enjoyed cheering and watching. There were also groups for the young or teen-agers and they enjoyed playing table tennis.

While the other members busy playing volleyball games, we’re also busy cheering and talking at the corner. We talked about planning for summer vacation. I advised them to book for hotel reservation promo ahead of time in order to enjoy and hassle free. We left at the church happy and I arrived home around eight in the evening.