Thursday, May 28, 2009

Camera Critters

tulips09 300
While eating our dinner at Riverside Park this cute and adorable dog caught my attention. They are walking at the park with a beautiful lady. When they are far from us I said to myself, wow! nice dog perfect for camera critters. So, in just a matter of seconds I focus my camera to them and click it. Here's the result it's awesome right? I hope the owner of this dog will not get angry if she can view these two pictures in my blog. I love the color of her dog pure white so clean nice to hug and very healthy.
tulips09 300



bluedreamer27 said...

have a great day and happy blogging to you my friend

nce dog

nuts said...

I'll be very proud if I'm the owner of the dog that somebody took time to have this photo. Nice!

Luna ( from Brazil ) said...

This puppy is adorable!
You have such a cool blog here!
purrs and love

Karen said...

Very cool photo of the dog..

Looks like he or she is thoroughly enjoying it's walk :-)