Thursday, July 9, 2009

Appetite Suppressant

Since its summer time I decided to travel to my friend's place last week. She was shocked because I lose more weight. I am thin compare before. She asks me what kind of appetite suppressant that I take. Well, I give her the website and we talk about it. I explain to her that I only take natural, safe and effective diet supplements. I also avoid fatty foods and follow the healthy lifestyle here in Canada.

Well, I'm so happy that we met and talked each other. She's my friend since I was in the Philippines and up to the present. As I remember she went to Hongkong last 2005 and came to Canada last December year 2007. I am only three months ahead of her since I arrived here last September 2007. I'm so glad when I learned that she live in Toronto, that's one hour of travel from my place. On the next day we went to the largest mall in Toronto for shopping then roam around the city. I returned home so happy. On Saturday we will meet again at Niagara Falls with one friend and stay in a very expensive hotel in the city. Well, it’s summer so we need to enjoy the moment.