Sunday, March 21, 2010

Mission And Vision Statement

I'm glad that I found new friends at the party last night. As I said before we have an induction of officers last night at Guelph Place Banquet Hall at 492 Michener Road here in our place. I am one of the selected officers. Visayan Ethnocultural Organization was born last night and that's the name of our groups.

The Visayan Ethnocultuaral Organization is a non profit, charitable organization by nature that provide human, social and educational services to all members and affiliates of our organization and the community.

The purpose of this organization are the following:

1. Provide and promote opportunities for social, recreational and educational activities that will create a wholesome attitude and camaraderie among membership.
2. Increase public knowledge of the Filipino culture, arts, language and tradition through participation with other organizations (multicultural)
3. Share interests, talents and skills for the benefits of the members.
4. Ensure a professional and constructive relationship between other associations and affiliates and among its members in order to produce a harmonious environment that will maximize the benefits of everyone.
5. Determine the interests and concerns of all the members regarding any new or contemplated changes and functions planned that will represent the best interest of the association and its members.
6. Provide other services and to take actions consistent with the above purposes which may, from time to time be determined by the vote of the members.
7. Implement and exercise constructively our constitutional rights and freedoms as Canadian citizens.