Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Travel List

In my travel list this spring and summer time are the following: On first week of May we will go to Ottawa for the Tulips Festival. Then we will go to Quebec and sleep in the cottage of my brother in law's parents. They have a cottage there and we will sleep their for overnight. After the following week we will stay overnight at Niagara Falls. Every year we really visit this place. I love watching the awesome falls. It is only 1 and half hour drive from my place. Going to Toronto to be with my friends is also included in my list. I also plan to go Vancouver this year. My friend says we will go on summer. I hope I can because I dream it for so long. I remember I only pass Vancouver before when I travel from Philippines, Hongkong then to Toronto. But I did not visit the wonderful and breathtaking views of the place. I hope I can this year.