Thursday, August 25, 2011

Horse Tack Shop

Summer is about to end. It is the time for wonderful colors and the best time to clean up the furniture outside. But wait! There are still few days to enjoy the season of summer. It is a little bit cold but we can still have outdoor activities. The kids are still happy to play at the park. I saw many kids playing yesterday and I expect them to be at the park again today. Our house is very near the sport fields. There is a playground for kids at the corner. They like to stay there in the morning and sometimes in the afternoon.

Well, summer is not only for kids. It is also for adult like us. We need physical workouts everyday to gain more energy, stay active and physically fit. I know all of us have different hobbies and outdoor activities. About me, I love riding a horse especially during summer. My parents own a huge farm and we have many cows, horses and other animals. That is why I learned to ride a horse at young age and until now I still love it.

Every time I visit my parents at the farm, I enjoy riding my favorite horse. I even participate in riding a horse competition when I was young. My parents bought a safety equipment for me. I have the best clothing, jackets, hats, boots, gloves, socks and many more.

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