Saturday, October 15, 2011


Have you been or have you heard about the recently held Korea Electronic Show? Some of my blogger friends have buzzed about it, and I was really intrigued about that exhibit which is being held once a year in Korea. The event was set to feature the latest gadgets and technology related to Multimedia, Telecommunication, Industrial Electronics, medical, fashion, display , construction, IT and a whole lot more. I am really not a techie or gadget savvy woman but I easily get fascinated with latest technology. It's pretty cool to see how gadgets and home appliances evolve and I don't see any reason why not to embrace such technology knowing that we can receive a lot of benefits from them in return.

I may not have the most expensive and the latest model of phones and gadgets but the quality of them is truly incomparable to other brands. I really pay attention to brand most especially to the appliances that we have at home. Well, first, branded items are well trusted and they are proven effective and highly durable. Most branded items are being patronized all over the world because of the quality they offer. Keep in mind that a certain brand will never be famous unless they have proven the quality of their product and if they didn't satisfy the taste of their buyers.

Currently, most of my home appliances are from Samsung. From the tv that we have in the living room to the Cameras that my kids and my hubby are using. I'm not really patronizing the brand but I am pretty impressed with its durability. I'm sure their smart phones and that newly launched Samsung Galaxy Tablet will not bring me down too and I might consider buying a tablet pretty soon.

Anyway, I have heard that Samsung was one of the major exhibitor in the recently held Electronic Show in Korea alongside with other Giant companies like LG and Hyundai. That's pretty big event indeed and I wish they will held the same kind of exhibit here in Canada as well. That would be fun and exciting.