Saturday, January 28, 2012

Thanks To You

It is very hard for me to manage with my two full time jobs plus another two part time jobs. Good thing I stop with my caregiving jobs. So funny I have four kinds of jobs now. I work at autocom company as final checker, then school custodian, house cleaning and of course my business online. I am so proud to be a freelance writer. I can not sleep well because of many jobs to do. That is why I hired my friends to help me in doing my second job which is school custodian. At school we can help each other in cleaning the classrooms, washrooms, library, office room, lunch room, portable room and the big gym. At least my friends can help me and they can earn money. With regards to my first priority job, I started two weeks ago and I enjoy it. I did not expect that the supervisor put me in the light job. Mostly they said if you are newly hired you work in heavy jobs. But, for me I am so lucky to have a light and comfortable job. I am so happy and bless this year 2012. Thanks to my friend Ruel who help me introduce talked to the Human Resources. It helps me a lot and I appreciated it so much.