Saturday, September 15, 2012

Time moves so fast. I can not believe that summer was gone and now we are started to feel the cold weather. Fall season is good for me. I can see the beautiful colors of the leaves changing to yellow, red and orange. Even though it is a little bit cold outside, but there are still many people want to travel and enjoy shopping. People don't stop from shopping everywhere even it is cold. But for me, I love shopping online. I prefer to buy online during cold season. It is very convenient to me especially that I work shifting. I don't have much time to travel just to buy the stuffs that I need.

So yesterday, I check out because I want to surprise my sister. There are many hot deals to choose. No need for me to travel. I can save time, money and effort. It is safe and I can easily purchase online without hassle. I know my sister will surely love it.  She will celebrate her 44th birthday on October 14. It is a big celebration according to her. All our friends, relatives, co worker and family are invited. She is my best friend and sister as well. We studied on the same school in elementary to high school and separate school in university. I take up Bachelor Of Elementary Education and become a teacher, while she study Bachelor of Nursing. She become a registered nurse back home. She applied and came here in Canada last 1990 and become Canadian Citizen. When she got married to her boyfriend last 2001 and pregnant, she sponsored me to become her caregiver. My job was to take good care of her daughter Abby. Thanks to God I was approved and decided to resigned my teaching job in the Philippines.

I landed here in Canada last September 2007 and worked for her for two years. After our contract I am allowed to apply for open visa and permanent resident. I got my open visa last year and started to work at car manufacturing. I am happy and satisfied with my job now. I am very thankful to my sister for her never ending support, kindness and generosity. I am so bless to have a sister like her. I appreciated all the help she gave to me. Now it is the time for me to make her happy. On her 44th birthday, I will gonna surprise her. Advance happy birthday my sister and I love you so much.