Thursday, November 29, 2012

You Are The Most Wonderful Supervisor

From the bottom of my heart, I wanna say a million of thanks for you yesterday. For me, you did a fantastic job and my heart dance for joy. Until now I am still smiling. I am so proud of you because you make me so very very happy yesterday. You know why? It is because God use you as an instrument to make that lady an effective worker yesterday. God bless you more and He will give you a reward for that. I am so very happy watching her do her own job. Honest to God, it was my first time to watched that lady working. BECAUSE OF YOU.. no more relaxing in the table, no sitting down during working hours, no more sleeping in the washroom and no more take advantage of others. You have an excellent, brilliant mind and extra ordinary powers to make all the people work their own job. You are my answered prayer yesterday. I wish and pray that you become her permanent supervisor so that you will help her become more productive and a hard working lady. I like you and I will like you more if you help her grow professionally.