Saturday, August 24, 2013


Time moves so fast. I can't believe that I am almost six years living here in Canada. I can still remember the times when I became a part of the Deped family, my very sweet school that I treasure a lot when I was back home. I got lots of sweetest memories for this school and I always cherished it in my heart. I can still remember that I tried my best to make this beautiful school become beautiful, make it grow and color pink, hehe. I am so proud to be a part of Deped family.

But even though I became successful in the field of education before, I still want to continue to grow and that was the reason why I move Canada. Now I become a part of one of the most giant company in Canada which is the Linamar Corporation.  Again I am so happy and thankful to God that He is always there willing to help me and giving me a chance to improve myself. I know I encountered a lot of trials, sacrifices and it is not easy for me to reach all my goals in life. Even though how hard it is to reach all my goals in life but I made it. Not really perfect but I can say the best for me. I know there are still things that lacking in me ( 2 things) but I keep praying for that. God will provide for me and will surely help me when the right time comes. I only need patient and determination. I have a strong faith in me, I trust myself and I never surrender, hehehe chika.