Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Travel In Fuerteventura

My friend just arrived from her three months honeymoon in Europe. She was so happy to shared me about her villa experiences and I was also excited to listen. They stay in one of the best hotel in Fuerteventura. They have a beautiful surroundings, spacious terrace, large garage, comfortable living room, fully equipped kitchen, elegant bedrooms, complete appliances, clean bathrooms and peaceful atmosphere.

According to her, they had the fun together on the sunny beaches, enjoy the swimming pool at night and happy to explore the rich history in Fuerteventura. They visited the famous landmarks, nature parks, shopping malls and many interesting places. She really admire the beauty of the place. She is very thankful for the good holiday accommodation. For her, the vacation was worth a travel because it was once in a lifetime event.

When we met the other day, she gave me a gift as a souvenir that she bought from Fuerteventura. I like the stuff and I am very thankful to her generosity. She encouraged me to travel in Fuerteventura too. When I arrived home, I search the Fuerteventura travel guide book. It looks great and affordable. Well, I hope I can travel to this wonderful place before the year ends.