Friday, September 1, 2017

I'm Back As A Writer

It's me Norma. It's been a while since I decided to stop from my blogging carrier. I became so busy at work and no time to update my blog. But as the days and years go by, I miss writing that's why I decided to come back. I started to post my travel and experiences in life. When I left blogging world, I became a traveller .  I traveled a lot of places especially in different states of USA and I decided to post all experiences I have here in my travel and photography blog.

Now, I would like to refresh my hobby as a writer. I am certified blogger for almost 10 years. I maintain more than 10 websites before so maybe I'm an expert before. I felt sad every time I remember the day when I quit blogging. I can not deny that sometimes our hobby will change into another one, it depends upon our opportunities in life. But even though I left blogging it is still in my heart.

Now that I'm back, I would like to introduce myself again into the blogging world. I am a certified blogger and a freelancer writer. You can never find a perfect person in me because what makes me human is my imperfection but this is for sure though I'm not perfect at least I'm real.

Happiness can be manifested in many different ways, on me, it is reflected on my face. When I smile it is indeed my real smile. To be happy is every human's ultimate goal in life ,to laugh out loud when it is time to laugh and to wear a smile, relax and taking everything easy when you are in the most challenging situation of your life.

Remember the old adage, if you want to stay young keep on smiling and be happy.