Sunday, September 3, 2017

My Dream Come True

One of my dreams in life is to travel around the world. Yes! I know it's only a dream but we all know that dreams do come true also if we work so hard on it. So, I just dream its free right, then work hard and push to the highest level to achieve my greatest dreams in life. To be honest, I always starts from the scratch and with my strong determination I can say that I can always reach my dreams no matter how hard it is. Work hard and perseverance is my secret. I don't care about the other people I only mind my own business. It means I only focus and concentrate with my dreams. But I'm not greedy also I always share what I have and I'm happy to help people especially those people that very supportive, loyal, honest and trustworthy. Also, I'm not that so smart person, I'm a bit weak easily get nervous but I have strong faith and believe in myself. I mean look at this way I'm already here in North America when my homeland is in Asia. That's already a big bonus for me for my travelling goals.

Aside from living in North America, I also have a timeshare, the Diamond Resorts International whom I trusted most of my extra money and will lead me to become a successful traveller. See what happened to me, I only dream and then one day this timeshare across my life. At first I am hesitant, afraid of course and many questions in my mind. But I am not alone, many timeshare owner I found that helps me a lot. They become my mentor and my inspiration to pursue this dream. With the help of my DRI friends I earned how to improve my travel. They are always there for me to help and support. And now I'm happy with my diamond resorts, the answer of all my travel plans and dreams.

For me, travel can makes my life more happy. I have this unlimited smile in every events that I experienced. It's gives meaning to my life. I can not deny the fact that life is not easy for me, I encountered a lot of sacrifices, hardships and a lot lots of work. I work so hard from the very start after my high school I learned to earn money to support my college days. I always got what I want even if so hard for me. I work during the day and school at night until I graduated and became a license teacher. For eleven years I rendered my teaching services nonstop until I decided to explore of something else. I applied Canada and now here I am trying to reach another goals in life. Here in Canada I starts from the scratch again but I keep pushing. I never stop of my dreams and now is the time for me to relax a bit now especially that I am a timeshare owner. I can easily fulfill my dreams in life. I can say that middle age is the best time for me to explore the world and with the help of my timeshare everything is possible.
Anyway one of my goal right now is to get into cruising. I want to experience the Royal Caribbean Cruise, Carnival Cruise, Norwegian Cruise and Celebrity Cruise. It's very popular these days and I know that I will enjoy this adventure. I know some of my friends who has been to many cruises and they keep on saying how wonderful it was on the cruise.
About me, I already experience the carnival cruise line. It's amazing and a very fantastic ride. A free ride that was given to me by the Diamond Resorts International when I sign up with them as a member of that famous timeshare in the USA.

Aside from that I want to experience also the most fabulous Norwegian Cruise. This ship was amazing everything was there included food, entertainment and many more. That's why on 22nd of December 2017 I gonna experience one of the best Norwegian Cruise, the Breakaway cruise line.

Wow! talking about pampering myself. This is what I needed now.  It's everybody's dream and achievements in life.